Our LPA Cloud WiFi kits are a simple and economical way to monitor temperature in critical equipment such as refrigerators and freezers. The system will alarm out and notify when the temperature of a refrigerator or freezer fluctuates out of a given range. It is an ideal solution for  laboratories, pharmacies, health clinics(Vaccine Temperature Monitoring) and food stores.  Along with temperature, LPA Wireless also provides humidity and differential pressure sensors that help you become compliant with USP 797 regulatory requirenment.   


  • Module available with LCD display for compliance with CDC, NIH, NIST guidelines
  • View the status of your equipment from anywhere through an App or a browser.
  • Full graphical overview of the system.
  • Convenient Alarm Control.
  • Fully control and customize your menus.
  • Computerized compliance with reports.
  • Only requirement is WiFi.
  • Receive alarms- alerts via interactive phone, texts and e-mail


Setting it up is as easy as 1-2-3. 1st you purchase the kit and provide us with your WiFi credentials. 2nd, you plug in the module and pull the tab. 3rd the WiFi module automatically finds the LPA Cloud and your equipment is now monitored.


Additional inputs available for purchase for any of the 3 kits mentioned above. 

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We'd be happy to discuss how we can meet your monitoring needs in greater detail with you. Please contact us at 800.327.3141 or use our contact form.

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